Jameela Jamil and Sara Sampaio’s Body Beef on Twitter

While conversations on body image mostly consist of uplifting messages and a “zero negativity zone” , Jameela Jamil ( body image activist ) and Sara Sampaio ( model/ advocate for body image ) got into it over one of Jamil’s tweets. Jamil responded to a video of models of all sizes dancing on the runway saying “Oh my god, this looks like the most fun, not a long starved teenager in sight. Beautiful” , which brought on quite the commotion with the somewhat shaming comment and casting most models as unhealthy images. While her sentiment does have some truth behind it, Sampaio rose up and spoke up for her modeling community.

Sara Sampaio lashing back at Jamil on Twitter

This argument carried on with Jamil responding that she was not trying to attack models in her tweet, rather point out that there are young girls starving themselves to meet smaller sizes. She then went on to say that some people use drugs and other harmful dietary measures to meet those standards and if Sampaio did not see that, she was “living in a bubble.”

Sampaio went on to say that Jamil was attacking some to celebrate others and to say that drug use is not a problem only for models- but society as a whole. Jamil quickly lashed back at the Victoria Secret model and the company itself, followed by another reply by Sampaio.

The argument certainly started to get hot and heavy, both women proud of what they do and very passionate about their communities. The escalating fight was ended with one more reply from Sampaio and then again Jamil.

While this is not the usual way that Jamil carries herself, she is very passionate about body image and inclusion. Many people called Jamil a bully for this and shamed her for stereotyping a whole sector of people, those people being models. While this is not the most constructive way of handling body image conversations, there are many people all across the world carrying out their conversations in a little less of a hostile manner.

Many women from across the world like Carolina Contreras, Virgie Tovar, Rosie Molinary, Dania Peguero and Gloria Lucas speak out for body image by embracing who they are and encouraging other women to do the same. These women span all over the country and then some, yet making this world a better place together by their encouraging sentiments and fight for body positivism for all. For a better idea how far this battle spans, see below for a map showing all seven of these body image stars including Jamil and Sampaio.

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